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SGI/Cray no longer dominates the TOP500 - IBM in the lead

Mannheim 11 Nov 99 In the November 1999 release of the TOP500, the ASCI red machine at Sandia is still number one: Intel has replaced a number of processors with newer models, which was enough to keep the first place. No other Intel machine is in or near the TOP500. The IBM powered ASCI Blue-Pacific can be found on the second place. IBM has overtaken SGI/Cray with 141 machines in the list. SGI/Cray is second with 133.

Third is SUN with 113 systems and fourth HP with 45 systemsThen follow the Japanese PVP vendors and the cluster systems. There are tow machines in the list built in Europe: The Siemens HpcLine on position 351 at the University of Paderborn and the Parnass2 cluster at the University of Bonn at position 454.

Although in number, IBM is leading, in installed performance, SGI/Cray is leading with 19.5 Tflop/s of installed power. IBM has 13.7 and SUN 4.8 followed by Fujitsu with 2.9 Tflop/s.

Commercial use of supercomputers is growing strongly: Almost half of the machines (246) are used in industry, although the bigger machines are still to be found in research centres.

The decline of vector machines (PVP's) seems to have stopped, although MPP is the dominant architecture in the TOP500. There are 62 PVP machines in the TOP500: the Fujitsu, Hitachi and NEC machines and 10 Cray T90 systems.

More information on the list can be found at the TOP500 web site.


Ad Emmen