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Europe's fastest machines are used for weather forecasting and meteorological application

Almere 28 Nov 99 The European top 10 of fastest supercomputers is dominated by machines that are used for weather forecasting and other meteorological applications. This can be deducted from the November 1999 list of fastest supercomputers in the world. The fastest machine in Europe is the Cray T3E at the "Deutscher Wetterdienst" in Offenbach, Germany. On the second and third place are machines at the UK Meteorological Office in Bracknell. On place eight, the only non T3E machine in the top 10, the Fujitsu VPP5000 at Meteo France in Toulouse can be found. The other machines in the top 10 are located at German and UK research organisations. The number 1 in Europe is more powerful than the numbers 9 & 10 combined.

That the machines in the top 10 indeed are very powerfull, can also be seen when one looks at the machines in the lower regions of the top500. For instance, on place 495 is the machine at UNI-C in Lyngby, Denmark, with a performance of 33.9 Gflop/s. Still an impressive machine, closing the European list. Twenty pages up in the European list, on number 450 world wide, there is a machine at the Bourse in Luxembourg, with 34.4 Gflop/s. The 20 machines that are closing the European list (in the region from 450 to 495 world wide) combined have the same power as the number 1 European machine.

The top 10 machines in Europe in the November 1999 supercomputer list.

Europe Rank Rank Manufacturer Computer Rmax Installation Site Country Year Area of Installation # Proc Rpeak Nmax N1/2
1 9Cray/SGIT3E1200671.2Deutscher WetterdienstOffenbach Germany1999Research Weather812974.4..
2 11Cray/SGIT3E900552.92United Kingdom Meteorological OfficeBracknell UK1997Research Weather876788.4..
3 13Cray/SGIT3E1200526.6United Kingdom Meteorological OfficeBracknell UK1999Research Weather636763.2..
4 14Cray/SGIT3E1200509.9CSAR at the University of ManchesterManchester UK1998Academic612734.4..
5 20Cray/SGIT3E1200447.8Forschungszentrum Juelich (FZJ Juelich)Germany1999Research54064818144017280
6 25Cray/SGIT3E355.1Max-Planck-Gesellschaft MPI/IPPGarching Germany1997Research812487.2..
7 27Cray/SGIT3E900341.3HWW/Universitaet StuttgartStuttgart Germany1996Industry540486..
8 32FujitsuVPP5000/31286.9Meteo-FranceToulouse France1999Research Weather31297.6..
9 39Cray/SGIT3E900253.8ZIB/Konrad Zuse-Zentrum fuer InformationstechnikBerlin Germany1999Academic404363.6..
10 42Cray/SGIT3E234.9Forschungszentrum Juelich (FZJ Juelich)Germany1996Research5403248640014400

From the 152 European machines in the top 500, IBM has installed 67 machines. SUN is second with 29 and SGI/Cray third with 27. HP (10), Fujitsu (9), NEC (7) Siemens (1) and Hitachi(1) follow. One machine is "self-made".

In fact, it is thanks to Europe that IBM took over the first position from SGI/Cray. In the USA, SGI/Cray has 50% more machines than IBM: in Japan, six times as much.

I this list, there are only two machines that are made in Europe: the HpcLine cluster in Paderborn and the Parnass cluster in Bonn.

Fore more information, check in at: TOP500 analysis using XML versions of the list and the The TOP500 web site .


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