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Measurement equipment


This problem comes from a joint work with the Department for Pharmaceutical Technology of the University of Bonn.
To quantify the effectiveness of insect repellents the correlation between position of midges and the concentration
in a rectangular box is determined. It is desired that the concentration has a very simple distribution, i.e. a linear decay
from the left to the right in the best case.

At the left side the concentration of the repellent is kept constant, while on the
right side a slight flow from top to the bottom provides an almost vanishing concentration.
A video system on top of the box detects the instantaneous positions of the midges and computes the statistics.
Without the effects of the flow a linear decrease of the concentration from the left to the right side without any dependency
on the height would develop.
The task of the simulation was to determine the effects of the flow and to give estimates for the time, required to reach the steady state.

Concentration after 2.5 hours

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