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Odour Modelling

This is a joint project with the Institut für Landtechnik of the University of Bonn.

Project Team: Dr. Peter Boeker, PD Dr. B. Diekmann (project leaders), Dipl.-Phys. O. Wallenfang

Models for the spread out of gaseous/aerosol components in air are important for the prediction of the pollution of the environment. The aim of this project is to develop accurate models for this task. To this end a Lagrange-particle approach is combined with the NaSt3DGP flow solver.
Of major interest is the time fraction when the concentration of an unpleasingly smelling species is larger then a given threshold. In Germany this is one of the criteria for the official admission of new industrial facilities which potentially lead to a pollution.

The following two figures show some examples of a current distribution of the pollutant. The figures were taken from Boeker,Wallenfang,Koster,Croce,Diekmann,Griebel,Schulze-Lammers, "Ausbreitungsmodellierung von Gerüchen mit zeitaufgelösten Modellen", Agrotechnische Forschung

The Lagrange particle model will be included in the NaSt3DGP distribution in the near future.



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