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Title Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics with applications in astrophysics 
Participant  Attila Caglar , Michael Griebel 
Keywords  smoothed-particle-hydrodynamics, meshless methods, particle methods, multilevel, parallelization 
Description  Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) is a meshless, Lagrangian particle method for the numerical solution of partial differential equations. Among the meshless is SPH one of the oldest methods (Lucy 1977, Monaghan 1982). SPH offers several additional benefits. Unlike conventional Lagrangian techniques, SPH avoids mesh tangling and is therefore much more robust in its treatment of problems with large material distortions.   The following Figure sketches the principles of SPH:


Derivation of the SPH-Method:

  • A scalar function f(x) satisfies:

  • One obtain the continuous SPH approximation by replacing the Dirac delta distribution by a kernel with compact support
    (radial Basisfunction) The particles become Lagrangian
    fluid elements

The kernel has the following properties:

  • (symmetry of the kernel)
  • is normed, i.e.
  • for , h is the smoothing length

Continous SPH formula

  • Let be the density (number of particles, mass, charge, etc.), approximated by N particles in the phase space V.

    : set of N particles with weights . Approximate by discrete measures:

Basis of the SPH method:

Applications to astrophysics

Aim of the project:

  • Constructing a SPH-Method of higher consistency-order and better stability
  • Efficient parallelization based on a multilevel approach

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    In cooperation with  SFB 256