Research Group of Prof. Dr. M. Griebel
Institute for Numerical Simulation

Subproject D of the SFB256:

Meshless numerical methods for the simulation of 3D flows with free boundaries

Prof. Dr. Michael Griebel
Dipl.-Math. Attila Caglar
Dipl.-Math. Marc Alexander Schweitzer
Dipl.-Math. Marcel Arndt

Project within the collaborate research center (SFB) 256 "Nonlinear partial differential equations".

In this project new numerical methods for the discretization and solution of partial differential equations will be developed, analyzed and backed up theoretically, as well as implemented an modern workstations and tested on practical problems. Special focus is hereby posed on meshless numerical methods for the treatment of three-dimensional incompressible flows with free boundaries, inner layers and multi-phase fluids. These have special properties like complicated geometries of the flow area varying with time, and effects and forces induced by the free boundary. These include for example numerical treatment of surface tension or Marangoni convection caused by temperature gradients (in the case of very thin fluid films or under micro gravitation).

Concretely these aspects will be examined and developed:

Gerhard Zumbusch, Marcel Arndt,