Research Group of Prof. Dr. M. Griebel
Institute for Numerical Simulation

Research Projects

Supported Projects

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TR 32: Transregional Collaborative Research Centre 32
Project D5: Quantitative precipitation estimation and uncertainty quantification
Project DFG GR 1144/21-1: Likelihood-Approximation für Discrete Choice Modelle
DFG SFB 1060: The Mathematics of Emergent Effects
Project A7: A new sparse grid method for the electronic Schrödinger equation
DFG SFB 1060: The Mathematics of Emergent Effects
Project C4: Multilevel sparse tensor product approximation for manifolds and for functions and operators on manifolds
DFG Priority Programme 1506: "Transport Processes at Fluidic Interfaces"
Accurate and Efficient Coupled Surfactant Calculations for Two-Phase Flows with the Discrete Exterior Calculus
DFG priority program 1648 : "Software for Exascale Computing" (SPPEXA)
EXAHD - An Exa-Scalable Two-Level Sparse Grid Approach for Higher-Dimensional Problems in Plasma Physics and Beyond
NVIDIA CUDA™ Research Center
Cluster of Excellence: Hausdorff Center for Mathematics
Project Area J: High-dimensional problems and multi-scale methods

Completed Research Projects

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Further Research Interests

3D Benchmarks for Rising Bubbles
Cooperation with Dr. Sven Groß, IGPM, RWTH Aachen

Comparison of NaSt3DGPF, OpenFOAM and DROPS

Development of NaSty - CFD APP
Validation of flume experiments and field data
Cooperation with Research group of Prof. Dr. Herget, Department of Geography
Numerical Simulation of current driven sediment transport processes
Inverse problems
Level Set Methods
Adaptive 3D FE methods for incompressible two-phase flow problems
Sparse grid methods for higher dimensional Fokker-Planck-Equations
Modeling and Simulation of Global Atmospheric Dynamics
Grid Generation of the Atmosphere
Interactive Terrain Visualization
Multigrid Methods for PDE-Constrained Optimization
Parallel methods for short- and long-ranged potentials in Molecular Dynamics
Development of efficient algorithms for nanoscale dynamics simulations based on first principles methods

ESPACK: A parallel electronic structure dynamics software package

High-Performance Parallel Computing
Parallel Algebraic Multigrid
Cooperation with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Center for Applied Scientific Computing, Scalable Linear Solvers Project
Parallel Partition of Unity Methods
Visualization of Scientific Data
Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Material Science Applications
Protein Folding by Global Optimization Methods
Valuation of Performance-Dependent Options
TREMOLO - a parallel molecular dynamics software package
Numerical Quadrature in Finance

Pricing of contingent claims, path- and performance-dependent options, Brownian bridge construction, principal component analysis, adaptive sparse grids, dimension reduction.

Sparse Grids

Numerical interpolation and integration on sparse grids, hierarchical tensor-product bases, combination technique, curse of dimensionality.

Meteorological Data Analysis

Weather radar measurements, meteorological visualization systems, volume rendering, data dependency modelling, neural networks.

Molecular Visualization

Fast multiresolution display of transparent isosurfaces, electron densities, visualization of bonds and atomic positions, data exploration.

Multiresolution Isosurface Extraction

Adaptive hierarchical tetrahedral meshes, recursive bisection, fast extraction algorithms, error indicators, topology preservation, controlled topology simplification.

Fractal Landscape Classification

Hierarchical fractals, computation of fractal exponents, fast inverse data fitting, artificial terrain generation.

Compression of Large-Scale Spatial Data

Efficient in-memory data compression, pointer-less representation of hierarchical data structures, space-filling curves, interactive visualization of global topographic data.

Hierarchical Terrain Representation

Digital elevation models, adaptive hierarchical triangulations, recursive bisection, wavelets on triangulations, constrained triangulations, preservation of topography.

Numerical simulation of dynamic fluid-structure interaction
Numerical Simulation of Flows in Domains with Moving Boundaries
Development of CFD Code NaSt3DGP