Research Group of Prof. Dr. M. Griebel
Institute for Numerical Simulation
[1] T. Gerstner. Multiresolution Extraction and Rendering of Transparent Isosurfaces. Computers & Graphics, 26(2):219-228, 2002. (shortened version in Data Visualization '01, D.S. Ebert, J.M. Favre and R. Peikert (eds.), pp. 35-44, Spinger, 2001, also as SFB 256 report 40, Univ. Bonn, 2000).
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In this paper, we present a multiresolution algorithm which is capable to render multiple transparent isosurfaces under real-time constraints. To this end, the underlying 3D data set is covered with a hierarchical tetrahedral grid. The multiresolution extraction algorithm is based on an adaptive traversal of the tetrahedral grid with the help of error indicators. The display of transparent isosurfaces using alpha blending requires a back-to-front rendering of the isosurface triangles. This is achieved by a hierarchical sorting procedure of the tetrahedra and the isosurface components inside each tetrahedron. We will also comment on the automated selection of suitable isovalues for visualization applications.