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Institute for Numerical Simulation

  editor = {Wolfgang Alt and Mark Chaplain and Michael Griebel and
		  J\"urgen Lenz},
  title = {{Polymer and Cell Dynamics}},
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  http = {,11855,1-40109-22-2306186-0,00.html},
  annote = {editorial edited},
  abstract = {Polymer and cell dynamics play an important role in
		  processes like tumor growth, metastasis, embryogenesis,
		  immune reactions and regeneration. This volume - based on
		  an international workshop on numerical simulations of
		  polymer and cell dynamics in Bad Honnef (Germany) in 2000 -
		  provides an overview of the relevant mathematical and
		  numerical methods, their applications and limits. The
		  contributions are from the fields of applied and numerical
		  mathematics, scientific computing, theoretical physics,
		  molecular biophysics, cell and molecular biology as well as
		  chemical and biomedical engineering. The volume will be of
		  interest to scientists and advanced undergraduates in the
		  fields of biotechnology, biomedicine, applied mathematics,
		  biomathematics, biophysics and bioinformatics.}