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  author = {M.~Arndt},
  title = {Upscaling Technique for the Atomistic-Continuum Simulation
		  of Shape Memory Alloys with the {EAM} Potential},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of the Sixth World Congress on Computational
		  Mechanics (WCCM VI), Beijing, China},
  year = {2004},
  publisher = {Tsinghua University Press \& Springer},
  ps = { 1},
  pdf = { 1},
  abstract = {In this paper the upscaling process for the passage from
		  atomistic to continuum mechanical models of shape memory
		  alloys is considered. First the modeling on the atomistic
		  level is reviewed and a numerical simulation of a Ni64Al36
		  alloy is presented. Then the upscaling to an intermediate
		  continuum mechanical model is performed by means of the
		  inner expansion technique. This model is further
		  approximated to extract the essential properties. The
		  resulting continuum mechanical model is finally used for
		  the numerical simulation of a SMA-based two-way
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