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  author = {Gerstner, T. and Pajarola, R.},
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		  {S}implifying {M}ultiresolution {I}sosurface {E}xtraction},
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  pdf = { 1},
  abstract = { Multiresolution methods are becoming increasingly
		  important tools for the interactive visualization of very
		  large data sets. Multiresolution isosurface visualization
		  allows the user to explore volume data using simplified and
		  coarse representations of the isosurface for overview
		  images, and finer resolution in areas of high interest or
		  when zooming into the data. Ideally, a coarse isosurface
		  should have the same topological structure as the original.
		  The topological genus of the isosurface is one important
		  property which is often neglected in multiresolution
		  algorithms. This results in uncontrolled topological
		  changes which can occur whenever the level-of-detail is
		  changed. The scope of this paper is to propose an efficient
		  technique which allows preservation of topology as well as
		  controlled topology simplification in multiresolution
		  isosurface extraction. },
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