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  abstract = { We present a multiresolution model for surfaces which is
		  able to handle large--scale global topographic data. It is
		  based on a hierarchical decomposition of the sphere by a
		  recursive bisection triangulation in geographic
		  coordinates. Error indicators allow the representation of
		  the data at various levels of detail and enable data
		  compression by local omission of data values. The resulting
		  hierarchical triangulation is stored using a bit code of
		  the underlying binary tree and, additionally, relative
		  pointers which allow an adaptive tree traversal. This way,
		  it is possible to work directly on the compressed data. We
		  show that significant compression rates can be obtained
		  already for small threshold values. In a visualization
		  application, adaptive triangulations which consist of
		  hundreds of thousands of shaded triangles are extracted and
		  drawn at interactive rates. },
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