Research Group of Prof. Dr. M. Griebel
Institute for Numerical Simulation

  author = {M. Griebel and G. W. Zumbusch},
  title = {Parnass: Porting gigabit-{LAN} components to a workstation
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  ps = { 1},
  pdf = { 1},
  annote = {unrefereed series,parallel,256C},
  abstract = {We will report on a cluster of workstations at our
		  department, called Parnass. It is based on different types
		  of MIPS processor workstations and servers, connected by a
		  Myrinet, a Gigabit per second switched LAN, and
		  additionally a Fast Ethernet. We have ported some low level
		  message passing libraries as well as MPI to the Myrinet. A
		  comparison of the performance of various communication
		  libraries on different networks will be presented.}