Research Group of Prof. Dr. M. Griebel
Institute for Numerical Simulation

  author = {M. Griebel and G. W. Zumbusch},
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		  and their Domain Decomposition Parallelization},
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  abstract = {Partial differential equations can be solved efficiently
		  by adaptive multigrid methods on a parallel computer. We
		  report on the concepts of hash-table storage techniques and
		  space-filling curves to set up such a code. The hash-table
		  storage requires substantial less amount of memory and is
		  easier to code than tree data structures used in
		  traditional adaptive multigrid codes, already for the
		  sequential case. The parallelization takes place by a
		  domain decomposition by space filling curves, which are
		  intimately connected to the hash table. The new data
		  structure simplifies the parallel version of the code
		  substantially and introduces a cheap way to solve the load
		  balancing and mapping problem....}