Research Group of Prof. Dr. M. Griebel
Institute for Numerical Simulation

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  note = {(guest editors) special issue multigrid methods},
  http = {},
  annote = {editorial edited},
  abstract = {In October 1998 the tenth workshop in a series of biannual
		  GAMM seminars on multigrid methods was held. Almost two
		  decades have passed since the first one, and the topics of
		  the seminars provide a good insight into the progress
		  during this period. The series began in the former GDR and
		  is nowadays organised in cooperation with the
		  GAMM-Committees for ``Discretization Methods in Solid
		  Mechanics'' and ``Efficient Numerical Methods for PDEs''.
		  As this was the tenth anniversary of the series, the rather
		  general title was chosen ``International GAMM-Workshop on
		  Multigrid Methods''...}