Research Group of Prof. Dr. M. Griebel
Institute for Numerical Simulation

Publications of Dipl.-Math. Attila Caglar:

[1] M. Griebel, S. Knapek, G. Zumbusch, and A. Caglar. Numerische Simulation in der Moleküldynamik. Numerik, Algorithmen, Parallelisierung, Anwendungen. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2003.
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[2] S. J. V. Frankland, A. Caglar, D. W. Brenner, and M. Griebel. Molecular simulation of the influence of chemical crosslinks on the shear strength of carbon nanotube-polymer interfaces. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 106(12):3046-3048, 2002.
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[3] A. Caglar and M. Griebel. On the numerical simulation of Fullerene nanotubes: C100.000.000 and beyond! In R. Esser, P. Grassberger, J. Grotendorst, and M. Lewerenz, editors, Molecular Dynamics on Parallel Computers, NIC, Jülich 8-10 February 1999. World Scientific, 2000.
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[4] S. J. V. Frankland, A. Caglar, D. W. Brenner, and M. Griebel. Reinforcement mechanisms in polymer nanotube composites: Simulated non-bonded and cross-linked systems. In Proceedings of the MRS Fall Meeting, 2000.
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[5] A. Caglar, M. Griebel, M. A. Schweitzer, and G. Zumbusch. Dynamic load-balancing of hierarchical tree algorithms on a cluster of multiprocessor PCs and on the Cray T3E. In H. W. Meuer, editor, Proceedings 14th Supercomputer Conference, Mannheim, ISBN 3-932178-08-4, Mannheim, Germany, 1999. Mateo. SuParCup '99 Award Winning Paper, also as SFB 256 report 27.
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